12dp3dfet and 13dp3dfet

12dp3dfet- went in for bloodwork this morning.  I asked the nurse to please have the doctor leave a message on my voicemail with the results.  The nurse advised that the RE would call between 1 and 4.  I still did not have any symptoms aside from being very HOTT and I had a headache all day.  2:30 comes around and still no phone call.   Here I am thinking “Great she is saving all the BFPs BFNs for the end of the Day.”  I am at work and my cell phone rings.  Do I dare answer it?  No, I continue and finish up my work. 2minutes later…..I check my v-mail.  Well, my doctor annouced that I am PREGNANT!!  I am  so thrilled.  My beta was 144.  I will go in on Friday for my second beta.  My doctor told me that my progestrone was slightly low…so she asked me to do 1/2 cc of PIO in addition to the vaginal suppositories.  I am totally numb!  I called DH (who happened to be at the Dog Park with Piper in the town I work in) so I left early and met him there.  He couldn’t believe it either!  We called our parents and they were beyond thrilled!  I shared the news with my internet friends and they were estactic! The outpouring love and support from them really means a lot to me.  I remember always embracing my fellow IFer’s pregnancy.  It always gave me HOPE and I hope that I am able to inspire someone else.  This journey is such an emotional one and my heart feel for those who are still trying.  Suffering from infertility shaped me on who I am as a woman.  I saw things in myself that I thought I would never overcome.   Who would think that Infertility would bring out the positives in someone.  I became very empowering when talking to doctors.  The knowledge that I learned from internet groups is Priceless! At times, I felt like I knew more about TTC then the doctors.   As for my DH, our struggles has certainly brought us closer together.  Our love for each other is even stronger now. 

13dp3dfet- I dropped off my first Baby, Piper at the Doggy Day Care.  It was like dropping off your kindergarten for the first day of school.  The girls there fell in love with him!   I did call at around 10:45 am and the woman made a comment about his manners but that he was having fun.  ?? not sure what that meant? But, I will see if he is welcomed back tomorrow. I truly hope he is a good boy.  So I was off to Work afterwards.  I wanted to stop by Trader Joes but they were closed!  Arghh!  So I went to Stop and Shop and picked up bananas, apples, oranges, pears, and orange juice .  I picked up a whole wheat bagle with cream cheese. This should last me throughout the day.   I know so much about TTC but I don’t much about pregnancy itself.  I know it is still early to buy books but I am trying to approach this pregnancy with ALL positive vibes.  I cannot let myself NOT enjoy this pregnancy.  It is going to be hard b/c of my history but, I cannot deny it.  

Did I have any symptoms today?  For the first time, I did feel nauseous.  Or was it in my head b/c now I know I am pregnant?  hmmmmm 


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9dp3dfet, 10dp3dfet, 11dp3dfet

9dp3dfet– No significant symptoms to talk about.  I did sleep for most of the day.  But, I did wake up at 5:00 am and it was raining so basically, it was a LAZY  Sunday!

10dp3dfet– I was hungry for most of the day.  At around 5PM, I started having these really sharp cramps in the lower midsection (center right).  I really hope this is not AF cramps!!  As for my cervix, it feels closed. But I was told that you really shouldn’t go by the position of your cervix.  But, it certainly feels different from previous transfers.

11dp3dfet– Had a yummy peanut butter and fresh raspberry jam (from Briermere’s Farm www.briermere.com ) for breakfast.  I didn’t have time to eat a balanced breakfast.  I’ll make it up during lunch.  So far, no cramping and no other significant symptom.   Tomorrow is my Beta.  I am nervous and I am contemplating taking a test tonight.  DH does not want me to.  We will soon see!

 briermere farms

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Today was a beautiful day in NY.  We went over to our Friend’s house for lunch!  It was the unveiling of the swimming pool.  We brought over a RAsberry Creme Pie from Briermeres.  YUM!~~~  We had a really good time!  I didnt have any symptoms today….not even one cramp.  I am hoping that I am one of those girls who “just didn’t have any early pg symptoms.”  Although I have been pretty positive throughout this 2ww, today, I started crying in the car.  I am just so scared.  I am hoping and praying that this works!  Did I tell you that I only have $10,000 infertility coverage.  The last I checked I used over $3500.  

I’m off to bed~

Courage is being SCARED to death but saddling up anyway.  John Wayne

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6dp3dFET and 7dp3dFET

6dp3dFET- TMI but I had the worst diarrhea this morning. I would love for it to be a pregnancy symptom but I know that is likely not.  I had a decaf Iced coffee with Cream.  My guess is that the cream was bad or I all of sudden became lactose intolerant.  I had a little cramping….not too much.


7dp3dFET-  The only cramping I have is towards the anterior-center part of my uterus.  Hopefully, that is a good sign.  Also, I have been really hungry all day today!  I ate a wholewheat bagel with creamcheese this morning (the creamcheese was nasty……here we ago again…the lactose) and I had Panera bread-soup and sandwich for lunch.    Sadly, I don’t feel pregnant.  But, I am still holding on to hope!

Samuel Smiles
Hope is the companion of power, and mother of success; for who so hopes strongly has within him the gift of miracles

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4dpFET and 5dpFET

On Tuesday (4DPFET), I got some funky cramping beneath my ribs and my left ovary (or left side) had a slight cramp.  I get nervous about the cramping on one side b/c of my questionable ectopic 4 years ago.   And knowing that my left tube has adhensions, I get pretty nervous.  But, I am going to remain positive.

On Wednesday (5DPFET), didn’t feel any symptoms whatsoever.  Got up during the night a few times to pee.  But, it could be my water intake.  I really do not feel pregnant.   But, I still hold on to HOpe 

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2dpFET and 3dpFET

2dpFET– Slight cramping and bloatedness.  Feel totally fine.

3dpFET-Just realized that for two days, I had been taking the wrong dosages of the progesterone….it is suppose to be 4 x’s a day not 1 x.  I could just kick myself!  So far, I feel bloatedness.  Also, feeling sleepy. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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My IVF Journey

I started my first ivf back in November 2007.  WE had waited for years to finally get it done due to the lack of insurance.  It was a Great disappointment when we found out in December that it was a BFN!  Luckily, we had frozen embryos available.  At the time we had 10 left over. 

In February, we did our first FET and they transferred 3 embies.  Again, a big disappointment.  The feeling is “numb.”  The unknown is what scares me.

So here I am going on my 2nd FET.  I just had my transfer on Friday, May 9 and wanted to do some type of blog during this cycle . 

DAy of the Transfer:  11:00 am.  Felt 100% relaxed and ready for the transfer.  With the exception of Greg and I arguing over the map and directions to the new facility.  Once we got there, I was amazed at my clinic’s new location.  It didn’t seem like a doctor’s office.  It was too clinical looking.  But, I was glad knowing that the facilities was brand new and clean.  As everyone knows, waiting in the lobby is the longest part of the appointment.  The transfer itself took only 5 minutes.  Although we had done this 3 times, DH always seems to be amazed on how fast it takes my RE to transfer the embies into my Womb.   At this clinic, the husbands do not go in with you during the transfer.  So I had some socks that had my husbands name on it.  LOL  And told him that it will feel like he is in the room with me. 

Got home shortly thereafter.  It had been raining in Long Island all day.  I layed on the Couch with my puppy, Piper and fell asleep to the sound of the rain and the movie, Antoniette.   It was great to have a lazy day.

1dpFET-Got up at a quarter til eight.  Piper let us sleep in.  We were invited to go over to Sandy and Danny and let’s not forget their beautiful furbaby, Bailey’s home.  We went over around 1 pm.  There house is beautiful.  They have about an acre of property and it was so relaxing sitting out in the lawn chairs on their deck (around 5 feet about the ground) and over looking their property.  Their lawn is so green.    WE watched the furbabies play in the lawn and Sandy and I had girl talk.  She too is “Baby Challenged.” It’s so depressing but comforting knowing that someone else knows EXACTLY what you are going through.   As DH would say, “We belong to the club of Misery.”  

 Just got home about an hour ago.  I had a few cramps.  HOping it’s implantation! 

Tomorrow is Mother’s day!  So I will officially be PUPO (Pregnant until Proven Otherwise)  That’s it for tonight…..going to Watch “Walk Hard” and “Lions for Lambs”  DH picked the movies.   So until tomorrow……gnight!

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